1. Installing Zsh and Powerlevel10k on Arch Linux

    A guide for replacing your current shell with Zsh and Powerlevel10k.

  2. Enabling Audio in Arch Linux

    Learn how to unmute your speakers in Arch.

  3. Pacman Cheat Sheet For Ubuntu Users

    My Pacman cheat sheet for Ubuntu Users.

  4. Installing ST, DMENU and DWM in Arch Linux

    This guide shows I install st, dmenu and dwm from suckless.

  5. Granting Sudo Access to a User in Arch Linux

    This guide shows how I granted sudo access to my user account in Arch Linux.

  6. Learning Arch Linux

    A Series of posts where I learn about Arch Linux.

  7. Adding a User in Arch Linux

    Use the command line to add a user in Arch Linux.

  8. Installing Arch Linux on a Thinkpad X220

    This is a guide to how I installed Arch Linux onto my Thinkpad X220.