1. Sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

    This post shows how I configure sudoers to allow sudo to be executed through a ssh connection.

  2. Granting Sudo Access to a User in Arch Linux

    This guide shows how I granted sudo access to my user account in Arch Linux.

  3. Adding a User in Arch Linux

    Use the command line to add a user in Arch Linux.

  4. Learning Arch Linux

    A Series of posts where I learn about Arch Linux.

  5. Publishing Jigsaw Posts With Netlify Build Hooks

    How I use Netlify build hooks to automatically publish scheduled posts in Jigsaw.

  6. Scheduling Posts in Jigsaw

    How I use Jigsaw's filtering to schedule future posts.

  7. Installing Arch Linux on a Thinkpad X220

    This is a guide to how I installed Arch Linux onto my Thinkpad X220.

  8. Creating an Ebook With Markdown

    Use Markdown to Create an Ebook That Can Be Read on Various Devices.

  9. Welcome

    My first post on my redesigned blog.